Vision & Mission


Quality Love for quality success.
To succeed through hardwork and proper time management.
 Team Work.
We believe in a concerted effort for there is strength in unity. We know together as a community, we can achieve more. While respecting each other’s individuality, we promote team work.

We believe knowledge without character is void. We seek to build and encourage a culture of good discipline within the school to mould better citizens and professionals.

A high sense of professional standard shall be maintained in the school operations.

 Excellence in performance.
We shall seek to not only be excellent in academic performance but as well great in discipline and co-curricular programmes.

All students, teaching staff and support staff of the school shall manifest a high standard of integrity and shall be able to pass the integrity test at all times in their actions and words.

 Leadership & Unity of purpose.
These two are the stewardship to success and students, teachers and support staff shall strive to provide leadership in the school ensure others are objective, selfless, honest, loyal and decent as part of our culture.

 Transparency and Accountability.
We shall demonstrate the highest level of accountability to all stakeholders. Transparent and accountability shall be the norm.

science club

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Deputy Principal





he Kenya school system …

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